As an environmentally aware company, we believe passionately in recycling. Our waste disposal and recycling practices are exemplary and as market leaders, we are proud to uphold such high standards that we are seen as shining examples of modern waste disposal.

Our recent enterprise is a state-of-the-art recycling centre at Wardle near Nantwich and this is just one of the ways in which we are continually investing in the future and employing sound recycling processes. Now running at 87% recovery rate, the centre is run by CITB trained staff who believe strongly in increasing waste recycling.

Waste Management

We have developed a leading waste disposal system that ensures that 87% of the materials that come to our recycling centre is recovered and reused, delivering tangible benefits to the environment and making commercial common sense for both our clients and ourselves. The technology of our processing allows us to recycle a wide range of materials including:

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Steel & Metals

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Green Waste

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Plastic / Glass

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Cardboard / Paper

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Reclaimed Building Materials

circle_recylcle2On site we have the facility to produce recycled aggregates, so whether you need to offload waste, or require aggregates, we offer a comprehensive service for both utilities and contractors.

We offer a comprehensive service for both utilities and contractors, supplying recycled aggregates that are produced on site and providing a facility for offloading waste.



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