Volumetric Concrete

We offer the very latest concrete mixing technology to precisely dispense your exact requirements on site with none of the waste associated with traditional rotary drum mixers.

Because dry ingredients are always mixed on the spot, the concrete always arrives fresh – no older than 7 seconds – on site.

We serve Chester, the North West and surrounding Welsh borders.

We can offer a Barrow mix service if required,  We can also supply Polypropylene fibres at extra cost.

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Only pay for what you need

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No waste or part load charges

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Different mixes in the same delivery – no need to reload


Concrete Interlocking Blocks

New Pre-Cast interlocking concrete bricks are available from the Nick Brookes Group.

These multi purpose bricks can form easily assembled semi permanent constructions to a multitude of different sizes and shapes.

The robust purpose bricks are ideal durable solutions for building storage/loading bays, traffic diversions and entry prevention.

Contact our team and we can advise you of size and quantity required for your project.

These Interlocking Blocks do no not have lifting eyelets.

Description Size Weight
Full Size 10 Button Block 1500 x 600 x 600 1200kg
Medium Size 6 Button Block 900 x 600 x 600 750kg
Small Size 4 Button Block 600 x 600 x 600 500kg


For further information please contact : Tel. 01829 260687

Alternatively send us an email on: info@nickbrookes.co.uk

Quantity Estimator

This tool is designed to help you calculate your concrete requirement. Please select the appropriate units and then enter your measurements. You can use different units for each dimension if required.

The result is always given in cubic metres.