Here at Nick Brookes Group it is important that we do not only view recycling idealistically, when you consider that of all the materials that comes into our recycling centre. We can handle virtually any waste requirement at a competitive price utilising the specialist resources of our approved company.

On site we have the facility to produce recycled aggregates, so whether you need to offload waste or require aggregates, we offer a comprehensive service for both utilities and contractors.

No less than 100% is recovered and reused, it not only delivers tangible benefits to the environment, it also makes commercial common sense both to our clients and ourselves.

Cardboard and other types of packaging form the largest single proportion of the UK’s commercial waste stream – over 8 million tonnes of waste cardboard and paper are sent for disposal each year. Nick Brookes Group re-process this material in the UK.

We can provide a bespoke collection service to suit all your recycling needs. Whether your material is in a loose or baled form or whether you have 1kg or 1000 tonnes, we have the solution to suit you.

We work very closely with our clients to minimise the impact of their waste on the environment and help meet targets. Every tonne of waste recycling we will contribute to a better and more sustainable environment, whilst at the same time saving you money by reducing the amount of material you send to landfill. Indeed, our approach to ensuring the long term viability of packaging, giving you the confidence to know that your recovered material is being put to essential environmental good use. This allows us to provide the best possible standard of expertise and service.

Nick Brookes Group can examine existing waste streams and introduce new recycling initiatives which can result in the overall reduction of waste produced , as well as the amount that was previously going to Landfill. This process is aptly called waste minimisation.’ In some areas, newly introduced recycling schemes can actually generate income, which can offset any running costs. Our technology and processing allows us to recycle a wide range of materials including :

  • Steel & Metals
  • Wood
  • Cardboard/paper
  • Green Waste
  • Plastic/glass
  • Reclaimed building materials


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